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We have optimum control on our quality of product.

All the diamonds which we sell are from our manufacturing unit only – hence have optimum control on our quality of product.

  • Customers can have same quality of diamonds with similar manufacturing style.
  • Perfect expertise in manufacturing large diamonds, we have also processed many diamonds which are +20.00 carats and above.
Consistent supply of large-sized diamonds at best competitive prices -
Save your time and efforts:
  • As all our diamonds are GIA, IGI and HRD certified.
  • And, can also order through
  • 12 shapes available – showing our manufacturing expertise.
  • Detailed information of each and every diamond available – giving you the idea about the stone without inspection.
  • 14 factors are considered for evaluating the pricing of the stones, justifying the each value.
  • Self descriptive individual packets for each stone.